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Chocolate, Black & Sand Leather Pot Holders

DOXX Sustainable Leather Pot Holder

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Made from a double layer of 100% Sustainable Leather these simple pieces of hide will prevent burns and scalds when handling hot pans and dishes. 

Available in 3 colours and with a loop for easy attachment to your apron you will never be looking around for a pan cloth again!

Pre Order Now! Delivery of this item will be from May 2024.

Made from 100% cow leather sustainably sourced and repurposed from wastage in the meat industry; and vegetable tannins.

One Size.

Width: 21cm / 8"

Depth: 25cm / 10"

Overall Length: 18.5cm / 7.2"

(Unfilled) Weight: 0.15kg  

For branding options, please contact us.

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