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Chefs Wardrobe Story

'Once upon a time, there was a Chef, who worked long hours in a hot and steamy kitchen. The Chef was dedicated to their job and loved creating dishes to delight their customers. For many years Chef had toiled away in the depths of the restaurant, producing amazing dishes night after night. 

One day, whilst the Chef was working away, they received a request from one of the guests in the dining room. "This food is amazing! I would like to meet the Chef" said the customer. The Chef was delighted to receive this request and hurried to the dining room to meet them.


On the way, Chef passed a mirror and stopped in their tracks. The Chef thought to themselves for a moment, and then decided to return to the kitchen, leaving the customer alone in the dining room. For you see, because Chef worked so hard they hadn't realised that they still wore the chef jacket that they had owned for many years. Once, pristine and gleaming white the jacket was now faded, outdated, threadbare and stained from all the years of work. "I can't go to the dining room looking like this!" thought Chef, "Customer would never believe it was I who created such exquisite food!". 


And with that, Chef vowed never to leave the sanctuary of the kitchen again, Customer waited and waited to see Chef, so delighted were they by the food, but eventually they had to leave like all the other customers, saddened that they hadn't got to meet the talented Chef.


Later, the Chef was browsing the internet dreaming of new Chef uniform and came across Chefs Wardrobe. In that moment, a bright light flashed before the chef (a car turning around in the car park again) but Chef took it as a sign and placed an order for the funky new chef whites.


The next week, Customer has once again returned to the restaurant in the hope that Chef may be there to prepare them some more delicious morsels. When their food came out, Customer was overwhelmed with joy again, and repeated their request "I MUST see Chef!' they insisted. But this time when the request came down to the kitchen, Chef strode into the dining room, dazzling and proud in their new chef whites for they felt worthy of their title. Customer was delighted to meet Chef and they both lived, worked and ate happily ever after!


The End.'

Our story is short as it is just the beginning, but our story starts with you.

Founded in 2022, after working in the hospitality sector for over 15 years, we wanted to create a place dedicated to chefwear. What you wear affects how you feel, and how you feel affects how you perform. Chefs Wardrobe is about offering Chefs a place to shop for all their workwear so that they feel comfortable and free to perform their best.


As our story develops, we will be working with and bringing you more of the brands you love and adding to our collections, so please sign up to our newsletters to keep updated with the latest additions and offers. 

We look forward to working with you and writing the rest of our story together.

Kat Lane

Founder of Chefs Wardrobe

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