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Chaud Devant Biker FX Womens Chef Jacket White Front

Chaud Devant Biker FX Jacket Womens

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Inspired by the standard Biker Jacket the Biker FX has oodles of refinement and elevated design features, taking the Biker FX to the next level.


A fitted style with hidden asymetric front fasteners, waffle material, sleeve fasteners and lightweight jersey back panel the jacket has an authentic and edgy look, as well as being made from recycled materials, making it perfect for the modern chef.


Available in white or black and sizes XS-3XL. Also available in mens fit.


Always check your measurements before ordering.


***Please note that delivery of this item is approx. 10-15 working days***


Available in white or black.

Available in XS-3XL.

Main Fabric: 67% Polyester 33% Cotton

Upper & Middle Back/Inner Sleeve: 64% Recycled Polyester 36% Lyocell Tencel

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